Who Needs a Generator?


Not everyone knows how much power they use daily in their homes. Fewer people are aware of the power needs in an emergency.

Summer weather of storms, tornadoes and hurricanes can be equally as severe as the below freezing weather and snow. Some electronics, such as computers, televisions, or cell phones require a certain quality of electricity, otherwise they will get damaged while plugged in.

Individuals that care for loved ones requiring medical devices or special needs quickly can see that the care-giving needs are multiplied in a time of disaster. Peace of mind of a solid disaster plan including a home generator can keep your life going on when the power is off.

At Rinker Generator, we work hard to provide you the best generator based on your needs, wants and budget. We not only have about 30 years of experience, we work with four manufacturers who offer excellent equipment based by extensive warranties, and finance companies to make your purchase affordable. We trust the brands of Briggs & Stratton, Cummins Power Generation & Champion Power Equipment. Visit our education portal to see how a home generator can benefit you.

Which Home Standby Generator is right for your home?