Experience Counts!


BR Electric & Rinker Generator owner Ben Rinker has 30 years experience AND is a Master Electrician!

You may take electricians for granted, it’s ok, how would you know the ins and outs of this field unless you are educated. We know you are grateful when an electrician comes to your home to fix a faulty light switch or replace the corroded wiring for your pool pump, but you usually just write a check and say thanks without any real appreciation for what it is that electricians do, or the extensive training and hands-on experience that a licensed electrician brings to the job. Electricians undertake a multi-year apprenticeship before they can become licensed journeyman electricians, and then have several years beyond that to become a licensed master electrician. Master electrician ARE REQUIRED to have 18 hours per year in continuous training. Our electricians work with commercial and residential properties for both electrical and #automaticgenerators 

What makes us different in the generator business? Check this out!

1. A cold weather engine block heater installed.

2. Manufacturer recommended sealed, no leak battery with warranty to match.

3. Whole house surge protection installed.

4. Indoor generator status monitor installed.

These are just some of the benefits of an automatic home generator. Call us to hear more about how we can keep you and your loved ones safe when the power goes out.