Holiday Electrical Safety


As the biggest time of year to decorate, lights, motorized or pop up figures will be taken out from a cold wet shed or basement. It’s important to remember that many of our favorite decorations carry risk of electrical injury if not checked thoroughly. Here are some safety tips.

  1. Purchase the appropriate new lights, extension cords and any electric decorations for the location you will be using them. Outdoor electrical decorations are made to be out in the elements. If you use indoor-only products outside it may result in electrical shock and fire hazards.
  2. When in doubt whether or not decorations are conducive for outdoor use, check the color coded UL mark on the product’s package. A red labeling will indicate that you may use the product indoor and outdoors. The green holographic notation will say “indoors please”.
  3. Inspect all lights and decorations regardless if new or already used through the years. Only replace a bulb with the exact wattage listed. Too high of wattage can cause fire.
  4. Be careful not to overload extension cords. Verify the manufactures details as to how much the electricity the cord was made to carry.
  5. Happy Decorating!

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