Home Electrical Safety


Home safety hazards that aren’t easy to see are often overlooked. Electrical shock hazards are a common example of this.

Fire HazardPoorly wired basements or attics are potentially dangerous. Though we can’t see it, electricity is coursing through these wires. When homeowners don’t consider the potential danger this poses, accidents can happen.  Touching these wires could result in injury or even death. We highly recommend a home safety inspection by a qualified electrician.  They can help you find and eliminate potential accidents waiting to happen.  The inspector will check for things like overloaded receptacles, faulty extension cords, and broken/missing smoke detectors. They may also recommend installing some extra devices to keep you safe. Ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters are examples of devices that help protect you from potentially dangerous situations you cannot see. For instance, if a toaster were to fall into the sink or an extension cord were to melt from being hot, these interrupters shut off the power. As electrical changes, we are on the pulse of it. If you have concerns of the electric service in your home, please call us at 570-969-7577.