How Much Will A Home Generator Cost?


How much is it going to cost? That is the question many people first ask when thinking about installing a home standby generator system in their home.

When the power goes out it’s not only the lights or the computer that does not work, neither does the refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, and heat which may cause flood damage, frozen pipes, mold, not to mention replacement of spoiled food. Sometimes the situation even requires hotel stays or lost wages. These numbers have the potential of adding up to significant financial expenses over time.

A Standby Home Generator in conjunction with the proper transfer switch and professional installation allows you to avoid the expenses and inconveniences of power outages.

Here are some estimated figures for installed home standby generators systems:

These prices are approximations for the complete package including complete four or five year warranties. Here is what you get when you purchase a Propane or Natural Gas Home Standby Generator System from Rinker Generator.

We work with plumbers and gas companies to get the propane or natural gas generator installed quickly. Most Home Generator Systems installations are completed within a days time.

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