Outages Are Expensive!


Whether it is a home or business, big or small. If you have experienced a power outage that goes on for days, you will have a big expense to recover the losses. We make sure we pair our customers up with adequate needs of power based in the size and appliances, lighting and equipment within the home.

Preparing for prolonged power outages for your family is a must ,but also plan for the elderly and pets that may spend time alone at home. Maintaining proper lighting to be able to move around the home.  Food safety must be noted to avoid losing perishables in appliances . Losing power can create loss of water and septic with regards to pumps.

Rinker Generator offers the most reliable and powerful generators with extras that others don’t add to an installation process. A home generator is the safest way to provide home backup in a power outage that will avoid extra money being spent to recover from a disaster.