Partial Automatic Home Generator and Rental Properties


Partial Automatic Home Generator and Rental PropertiesOwning a rental property is an investment. The goal is to receive money without investing much more into it. Preventive maintenance and pre-screening of tenants are two common approaches landlords use to accomplish this.

But let’s face it. Owning a home and renting a home are two very different things. A homeowner may be more aware of how the home works, the little nuances that should be done to maintain the home, whereas a renter is more focused on their comfort and belongings. A renter may not be aware enough to know what to look for as a potential problem or they may feel they are being disruptive and decide it is nothing worth telling the landlord about. A homeowner sees the home as their investment, a renter oftentimes see the home as a stepping stone or a temporary residence.

For example, turning off the water when they go on vacation during the winter, checking the sump pump to make sure water is being pumped out of the basement, or keeping a dehumidifier running in humid areas. Should pipes burst or flooding occur and the clean-up is not done properly it may lead to destructive, costly natural forces within your investment such as busted pipes, mold problems, and even bug infestation.

Unfortunately when any of these problems occur, they are the landlord’s responsibility regardless of where the fault lies. Mold for example can not only eat away at the structure of a building, but can cause health issues for tenants. It has the potential to be a very expensive clean-up not to mention the loss of income during clean-up periods and/or the possibility of property devaluation.

An automatic partial home generator allows you to the added comfort to know that if the lights go out, your sump pump is running, the heat is staying at a temperature that will help prevent pipes from freezing or keep heating tape active. It protects your investment.

Adding a partial home generator also increases the value of your rental property attracting better quality renters and higher rental income. A renter is more than likely willing to pay more to know that they do not lose their food, belongings, and heat during an unexpected power outage.

So if you have a rental property you need to protect, call us today for your free estimate.