The Benefits of a Symphony II Power Management System


Home Generator System

Whole House Generator

In the past, selecting a home generator system meant making sacrifices. A small generator would only power the barest essentials; some lights, some outlets, the refrigerator, and maybe a well pump. The alternative was a much larger, more costly unit. These generators were often noisy and guzzled fuel.

Today, a Home Generator System by GE with the Symphony II Power Management System can provide a true whole-house solution.  This means you can turn on lights, use your television, or run appliances anywhere in your home.  Imagine getting into your bath tub to relax while the entire neighborhood sits dark! The Symphony II Power Management System  tells your generator when you turn on too many high energy items at the same time. Normally, this would overload your generator, but the Symphony II recognizes the problem and drops circuits in a preset order. Predetermined things like the dishwasher, hot water heater, or AC are disabled until the load is again balanced.  Then, when the power is available again, the Symphony will automatically turn things back on.