Home Generator Basics


A Standby Home Generator in conjunction with the proper transfer switch and professional installation allows you to avoid the expenses and inconveniences of power outages.

  1. The Home Generator System’s advanced electronics continually monitor your home’s connection to local utility power.
  2. When utility power is disrupted, the system confirms that a true power outage has occurred and signals the standby generator to start.
  3. The system supplies backup power to your home within 30 seconds. When utility power is restored, the system automatically senses it, restores utility power, and resumes monitoring until the next utility failure.

In a typical installation of a Home Standby Generator System, we take care of everything in the installation. This is usually completed in 1 day.

Home standby generators come in many different kilowatts for the home ranging from 8 to 62kW. Three main factors come into effect when choosing which home standby generator is best of you.

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