3 Reasons Why Standby Generators Are The Bomb!


So the power goes out at 7 PM at your home office and as luck would have it, a non-negotiable deadline is approaching. You go to the garage to get your portable generator plug it in and be on your way to getting back on task. Here are the 3 reasons why standby generators can keep your life continuing on interrupted.

  1. Less Risky Business!

The portable generator sits within extension-cord range of the house, chugging away like a little car. Your portable generator is more like a car than you think.  It gives off smelly exhaust fumes, heat, and noise. If not properly ventilated, a portable could cause a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. You must monitor the portable generator is working properly.

2. Convenience Is Rewarding!

On average, your generator’s gas tank holds from three to six gallons of gas. This equates to watching that that as the tank goes lower you need to refill. If you are not stockpiling gas in your garage, now there’s an added trip to get more. Weather 10 degrees below zero and snowing can take 34 gallons of gas to run an average-size portable for two days. To boot, gasoline can “gel up” if left standing too long, there’s always a chance that your portable generator won’t start.

3. You don’t have to schedule a power outage!

Well, the weatherman cannot get the weather right so how will you? Enough said…


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