Energy Wasting Habits


We’re all guilty of bad habits. Don’t live in denial, it only wastes energy. The good news, you can become a reformed energy hog by avoiding these energy-guzzling habits.

Leaving the lights on. They are just as easy to turn off as they were to turn on.
Forgetting to change out air filters. Think of the dust that is inhaled by the system (and you) along with energy wasted.

Do you leave fans on in empty rooms? Remember that fans cool people NOT rooms.

Love to bake on a hot summer afternoon? Your AC is breaking a sweat to cool your home!

Do you keep your laptop and cell phone charged? Psst… it won’t charge past 100% but it will waste energy.

Do you know who the energy vampires are? CD, DVD and blue ray machines that use energy in standby mode.

“I don’t program my thermostat.”… WHAT!? That will cost you about $180 per year!

Fall asleep with the TV on?  That will cost you $55/year or a nice dinner.

Do you buy incandescent bulbs?  CFLs cost about $40 in energy over their lifetime.

Gaze into the light of the fridge? People stare 10.4 hours int to the fridge per year.