Keep Peace of Mind With Your Home Skills


Who hasn’t had the experience of doing a task that requires electricity and then lose power, make a small repair in your home or outside your home. Two become more skilled with certain maintenance skills under your belt, the inevitable repair or upkeep to your home will save you cash.

  1. Master the art of painting. It may not be the most fun at first, but the skill can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size and amount of rooms. Some people say it actually allows them to clear their head while they do the monotonous task. Maybe a painting party will ensue?

2. Getting to know your fuse box. Although you may know where it is, is your panel box labeled so when a breaker trips you can find it easily? It is pretty simple when a circuit trips to the “off” position, a quick flip of the switch will get it to the “on” position and usually problem solved. If you are unsure of which circuit it may be you may turn off and on each individual breaker to find it. If you have an old home and constantly trip the circuits, it may be time to replace or add another panel. This part will need the help of a professional to ensure your home stays safe and up to code. Yes money will need to be be spent BUT WELL SPENT. See our sister company BR Electric for any help.

3. Cutting the water supply. If a pipe bursts or you’re repairing plumbing, you’ll have to shut off the water supply to the house, so it’s a good idea to locate the main water valve as soon as you move in. The shut-off valve mostly likely is located in your basement or crawl space where the water enters the house. When you find it, tag it so you won’t lose it again.

4. Upkeep of filters. HVAC systems use filters to trap dust and pollen and prevent the furnace or AC compressor from spreading debris throughout the house. It seems the only hard part about this project is remembering to actually change the filter! If you have a dog or cat that sheds, you know an HVAC can shut off when packed and it it just shuts off. Buy more than one filter at a time and tag the last one you have so you know to go buy a few more. Set a calendar event with a reminder to change the filter as a preventative measure.

We hope these few maintenance required reminders keep you on track fr what needs to be done or spark a few more to add to the list.

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