Keeping Your Home Dry From Rain and Humidity


NEPA has been experiencing heavy rain showers and thunderstorms. With this heavy rain, homeowners may begin to experience basement flooding, mold growth, musty smells, and damage to homes. Here are tips to help you keep your basement dry and prevent moisture problems!

Be sure your sump-pump is in good working order. Make it a point annually have it serviced by a licensed and reputable plumber.
If your basement is prone to flooding and you are in an area where power outages are frequent, consider having a back-up sump pump installed.
To reduce humidity levels in your home, dehumidifier to your HVAC system or portable. Be sure wires are not frayed or are sitting in water.
Keep your basement windows closed at all times.
Be sure your dryer unit is not expelling into the house.
Install a bathroom fan.
Look for ways to divert rainwater away from your home—extend rain gutter down-spouts away from home and make sure the grade of your yard surfaces slope away from your home.
Make sure rain gutters are clean and unobstructed.
Consider a Standby Home Generator in conjunction with the proper transfer switch and professional installation allows you to avoid the expenses and inconveniences of power outage which can shut off professionally installed HVAC, de-humidifiers, and sump pumps installed.
Use these tips to keep your home comfortable through the rain and humidity!