Portable Generators vs. Automatic Standby Generators


With various reasons for power outages such as equipment failure, storms, wildlife, tree limbs and public damage long term loss of electricity happens all too often. Emergency power can be gained by a portable generator or an automatic standby generator. What is the difference? Which is better? Is it really needed? 

Think of your needs at home. How big are your family and the location in which you live? Are there elderly or anyone with medical equipment in the home? While a portable generator can power appliances directly plugged into it, an automatic standby generator powers entire circuits and everything on them.

The advantage to a standby generator creates consistent monitoring of your utility when the power goes out. The generator will start itself and continues to deliver power to your home in seconds. Upon the utility coming back on, the generator will shut down and be ready for the next outage.

An automatic standby generator doe does not need natural gas or fuel to run, unlike a portable generator. Weekly tests are all that is needed to ensure your system is properly functioning.